Meg Moriarty

Illustration / Design / Etc.


While journeying through the Minnesota wilderness, I came across several large blooms of thistle. I was struck by the beautiful yet prickly character of the blossoms. Over time, my memory and documentation of these invasive weeds became of symbol of my own nature.  

If I was stranded on an island with an unlimited supply of drawing materials, I am not sure I would try to be rescued. 

Have you ever had a pen explode in your backpack?

Or scratched the ink off a lotto ticket while praying for a jackpot?


In Dirty Knots, I explore the hidden textures of ink using a permanent marker. On the surface the medium can create elegant forms, but if you look closer it can also be pretty gritty.  

Remember watching your Aunt Mary's projection show of her vacation to Ireland? That clicking sound of the slide, the fan buzzing, your brother kicking you in the ribs. Vintage projectors take us back to a time when light was magic and memories could fill a living room wall.  

In my Illumination series, I paint glass slides and construct transparent sculptures to project light through. The abstract colors and forms build an inner landscape for memories to play.

Design Series

Not too long ago, I was day-dreaming about the parts of the world our eyes cannot see. What did the microscopic structure of everything look like? I lingered within the center of a rock, its imagined rocky-cells bursting from the inside out. It was a Lithic Burst.

Pattern Making

In my world, there is nothing more satisfying than repetition. 

In a past life, I made a series of short films and worked on a variety of production sets. Click below to see all the projects I have been involved in. 

& Other Short Films

Print and Digital Design

Sharing ideas and creative works has always required some way of spreading the word. This is where print and Digital media come in.

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